Steps To Keep You Prepared For Basement Renovation

Steps to Keep You Prepared for Basement Renovation

Renovating your basement is a perfect way to add value and increase the usable space of your home. No one likes an unfinished basement. Basement allows you to store extra and unwanted items, but it shouldn’t look cluttered and unpleasant. Interior designers advice to keep it well organized to reduce negativity from your home. Renovating your basement is the perfect thing to do, and the sooner you do, the better it will result. We have carefully compiled the steps that you must be aware of while planning your basement renovation. Let’s check them out!

Step 1: Figure Out How You Want to Utilize the Space

Utilise your basement space

One of the most important and foremost things that you should decide is how you intend to use the space. It is crucial to plan the purpose the basement will serve to take further steps accordingly. Find out if you want to use the basement space as a storeroom, or extra room or just a beautiful looking multipurpose living room.

Step 2: Budget

basement renovation in budget

Before starting the renovation work, discuss your budget and project expenditure with the contractor. Without deciding the budget, the plan may go haywire and cause unwanted delays or trouble. By determining the budget beforehand, you can choose the right type of materials and finish the basement with features that you want.

Step 3: Clean Out Your Space

Clean Out Your Space

If space was on rent earlier, or even if you are living in the property for a long time, it is always advisable to clean out the basement to renovate it smoothly. You may or may not have used the space for a long period, or the tenants may have kept large items – if that’s the case, clearing the clutter is always a good idea to ensure smooth renovation work.

Step 4: Check the Moisture or Possible Leaks

possible leaks

Checking for water leaks or moisture seeping in is a crucial step in the basement renovation process and should not be overlooked. Look for any early signs. The sooner you fix these issues, the better it is for your property and your peace of mind.

Step 5: Research the Local Codes and Requirements

Being aware of local codes and requirements is extremely important. You have to meet the guidelines set out by the local authorities, failing these may add a lot of trouble and affect renovation work. Before carrying out the renovation, you should check with a professional contractor about the parameters that should be followed in renovation work.

Step 6: Insulate the Basement

insulate your basement

Depending on the region where you live, you might want to insulate the basement. Insulating protects you from varying temperatures and moisture in humid conditions.

Step 7: Check all the Electrical Systems and Plumbing of Your Basement

electrical system and plumbing your basement

The margin of error while dealing with electrical systems or the plumbing work is minimal, and hence you should check it. You must always ensure the wiring, electrical systems, and the plumbing is intact. During the renovation process, these arrangements should be taken care of more delicately, or it may add extra costs and expenses.

Step 8: Add Any Additional Walls

If you want to build or add any walls in the basement, then this is the best to plan it in advance. You can change the structure as per the needs, but you should have a rough idea of where and how it should be.

Step 9: Add the Ceiling to transform your lower level into an additional living area.

add ceiling to your lower level

If you want to lower the level of the ceiling, then you can also add a false ceiling. It would likely transform your basement’s look drastically.

Step 10: Finishing.

finishing to basement renovation

Last but not the least, the finishing work, such as painting the walls, flooring work, arranging the setup of the basement, and extra lighting or equipment, should also be planned beforehand.

Start planning your next basement renovation with this step to step guide. Hiring a professional contractor with proven skills and expertise gives you peace of mind in getting excellent results. If you are looking for the best contractors in the Niagara region, then you can contact us. At Harris Contracting, we understand your expectations from a contractor and deliver you the best services accordingly. Call us to discuss your basement renovation idea!

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