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Top 8 space saving Ideas & storage solution for your small Home


With the land prices going up day by day, it is not easy for everyone to get a spacious and luxurious looking home. A small squeaky place is what you get if you are strict on budget. But a small space doesn’t mean that you cannot work wonders to get things right in place. There are ample ways that you can consider to be smart on your storage goals. For this, you can also think of calling in for the Home renovation contractors Niagara who can suggest you ways to maximize your space.

If you are here to search for some clever storage hacks for your small house, read further to get to know a few of them:

1. Shelving hacks across the length and breadth

If you always run out of space to store your goods, then installing shelves across the perimeter is an option for you to consider. It can serve to be a bedroom storage hack that you can use at home to fight the space crunch. For this, you can simply get the Home renovation contractors in Hamilton Ontario or wherever you are to work on it and get some extra storage space in your bedrooms. It will help you in adding some additional square feet storage solution.



2. Moulded Shoe storage hack
Instead of getting a whole big shoe rack to acquire some extra space in your room to store your footwear love, try the crown moulding hack. It will let your shoes and sandals stick to the wall without demanding some extra storage space for their well being.



3. Beds with headboard storage
Fighting the space crunch may require you to think about double service options. Even your beds can help you add some dual duty option. The headboards with some storage space can help you store some extra items such as books, utility, etc.





4. Laundry bags on the door
Laundry is usually left for a Sunday but where do they actually go on the weekdays? Either on the extra chair at your home or a laundry bag that may be in a state to just burst out due to a huge lot of clothes dumped inside it. But again the laundry bag can consume some space which may make your room more squeezed. So instead designating separate storage space for the laundry bag you can use the back of your doors to hang the bag filled with your laundry clothes.




5. Floating shelves
Floating shelves not only stands as a place to display your showpieces but can also help you store some utilities making the right use of wall space. So if you are someone keen on implementing space saving ideas, it’s time for you to call the Home renovation companies Niagara region. The professionals will install such shelves which can reduce the used floor space and expand some wall storage solution.




6. Pegboard organizers
Pegboard organizers can serve multipurpose duty to store a variety of things such as your purses, watches, accessories, and a lot more. Consider installing it in your bedroom to get some defined utility space.







7. Drawer organizers
If you have a hard time hunting for your utility items in your drawer, consider drawer organizers. Not only will it keep your drawers organized but will also let you have some extra storage solution and make it easy for you to find things.




8. Pullout pantry
Kitchen is another part of your house in which you may face space crunch every now and then. Consider installing pull out pantry by calling in the experts from a Kitchen reno company and feel the difference. A custom pantry can get you some additional storage space and does not make your kitchen look like a junkyard.


So these were a few ways in which you can bring in some more life to your small house. So now since you know them, try out these hacks to get more space in your rooms. These ideas are surely going to help you face the daily space crunch.

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